Cornett Interviews:

In 1978 and 1979, JC Porter and his cousin Scott Porter came to Grayson County to visit the home of their ancestors, Andrew Porter and Lucy Cornett Porter. Andrew and Lucy owned the “Burt Rhudy” rock house at 4040 Carsonville Road, Elk Creek, Virginia from the 1840’s until 1866 when they sold it to POJ Thomas and moved to Carter Co. Kentucky. JC and Scott visited several Cornett family members as well as members of the POJ Thomas family. You can hear those taped interviews and conversations by following the links below.

Interview with Lloyd Cornett of Elk Creek, June 6, 1979 (10:30 min.)

Interview with Pauline Conner of Elk Creek, June, 1978 (16:16 min.)

Interview with Elmo & Edna Cornett of Comers Rock June  6, 1979 (8:08)

Interview with Edna Cornett, 1979 (29:54 min.)

Interview with Edna Cornett, continued, 1979 (25:15)

Interview with Pauline Conner, 1979 (4:35 min.)

Interview with Pauline Conner, 1979, Continued (26:31)

Interview with Dr. Porter, Hillsville, VA, 1979 (2:08 min.)

Interview with Dr Porter, Continued (41:56 min.)

Interview with Bayne Green, great nephew of POJ Thomas, 1979 (23:26)

Interview with Ina Rhudy, daughter of POJ Thomas, 1979 (8:45 min.)

Interview with Lillie Mae Atkins, descendent of POJ Thomas, 1979 (12:29)

Interview with Lillie Mae Atkins, continued (3:46 min.)

Interview with Dale, Val, and John Green, grandsons of POJ Thomas, Fries, VA (41:21 min.)